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Hemp Bombs

30ct Focus CBD + Mushrooms Gummies

30ct Focus CBD + Mushrooms Gummies

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Experience supreme cognitive function and clarity throughout the day while staying completely relaxed with Hemp Bombs® 30ct Focus CBD Gummies. We’ve combined our premium CBD with a mind-boosting blend of CBG, Lion’s Mane Extract, Cordyceps Extract and Reishi Mushroom Extract to enhance your daily focus by eliminating anxiety and stress. Start performing to the best of your abilities with each blackberry lemonade-flavored vegan gummy.

Product Info

• 15mg of CBD per gummy
• 450mg of CBD total
• 15mg of CBG per gummy
• 450mg of CBG total
• 500mg of Lion’s Mane Extract per gummy
• 250mg Cordyceps Extract per gummy
• 250mg Reishi Mushroom Extract per gummy
• Vegan
• Third Party Tested
• Made in America 
• Must be 18 years or older to purchase or use

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